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Every now and then someone wants to know a little bit more about me and how I started writing The Amateur Amateur. I presume you do, too, but if you don't, that's fine. I'll just read the counter at the bottom of the page and pretend that every hit represents an avid fan. I was trying to figure out what to put on this page, when it occurred to me that I'd already written a summary of my ham radio writing career for a talk I gave to the St. Charles Amateur Radio Club in the winter of 2002.

Click here for a slightly edited version of that talk.

Columns published on this Web site

For permission to reprint any of these columns please write to Gary Ross Hoffman, KB0H (see email notice at bottom of page.)

April 2022: Reality Amateur Radio
March 2022: Beyong the 24th Hour
February 2022: A Hamfest At Last!
January 2022: 2021, Moments Great and Small

December 2021: How Did I Do That Again?
November 2021: You Have to Eat Your Spinach
October 2021: Garbledegook
September 2021: The Sweet Screech of Success
August 2021: Up, Up, and On the Air!
July 2021: Hold My Hand-Held
June 2021: You Can Keep the Cables
May 2021: My Amateur Radio Journey
April 2021: Phone versus Radio
March 2021: Willing but Unable
February 2021: I Learned It All by Watching TV
January 2021: The Past, the Future, and the Maybe

December 2020: The Box in the Attic
November 2020: Counter-Helpful
October 2020: Zombie Ideas
September 2020: 100 Degrees on the Roof
August 2020: A VARA Difficult Problem
July 2020: Coming Home to HF
June 2020: Will Work for Sanity
May 2020: The Weather at the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole
April 2020: Ain't No Place to Run Net Control
March 2020: And Then the Battery Died
February 2020: Let Me Give You My Card
January 2020: Amateur Radio's Forgotten Metric

December 2019: Never-Going-to-Happen Deployment Kit
November 2019: 220 MHz, Act II
October 2019: The Books That Never Was
September 2019: Little Lost TinyTrak
August 2019: Two Retirees on the Roof
July 2019: The Man on the High Tower
June 2019: Now We're Getting Serious
May 2019: 10 Meters and a Long Time Ago
April 2019: Ask Doctor Scientific Guy
March 2019: Little Shack of Horrors
February 2019: Nibbling at the Master Plan
January 2019: Looking Forward to Last Year

December 2018: The Roof is Higher Than It Used to Be
November 2018: Is It Really Too Easy Now?
October 2018: Halloween in Ham Town
September 2018: The Curse of the Lower Bands
August 2018: Raise the Antenna!
July 2018: Into the Deep End (Two Garys in a Car)
June 2018: Return to Deadzone
May 2018: The Dead Repeater Disposal Squad
April 2018: 30 Minutes to Get Rid of Everything
March 2018: Blue Sails in the Sunrise
February 2018: 30 Minutes 'til the Doors Open
January 2018: Name That Sound!

December 2017: T'was The Month Before Christmas
November 2017: I'm Assuming Command
October 2017: A Whole Bunch of Site Visits
September 2017: Big Trouble in Deadzone
August 2017: The New Awards (we'd all like to see)
July 2017: Win-Blink, part II
June 2017: Win-Blink, part I
May 2017: Going Off-Script
April 2017: Antenna Chat
March 2017: DDDDXpedition
February 2017: Up in the Air, Brave ARES Men!
January 2017: Electrify Me!

December 2016: Dear Santa
November 2016: The New Old Guys
October 2016: Side Effects
September 2016: AES
August 2016: USB Me Up
July 2016: Twenty Minutes in the Shack
June 2016: Remembering that First Radio
May 2016: Plan G from Outer Space
April 2016: Radical Ray's Radio Bizarre
March 2016: Repeater Roulette
February 2016: Caution: Low Clearnce
January 2016: Weather or Not

December 2015: They Can Hear Me in Texas
November 2015: Freqenstein's Monster
October 2015: 220
September 2015: Radio Repair
August 2015: Doughnuts are the Best Medicine
July 2015: Cleaning the Shack (and lessons learned thereof)
June 2015: Preparing for Field Day
May 2015: Eeeeeeemergency
April 2015: Outside In
March 2015: Cross Species Cloning
February 2015: Ka-toing!
January 2015: NQSL

December 2014: Summing It Up
November 2014: Zzapp!
October 2014: The Cable Family
September 2014: One Electron at a Time
August 2014: But First...
July 2014: Backaches and Bird Poop
June 2014: D-Stressing
May 2014: HFing and Puffing
April 2014: April Showers Bring May.. Antennas?
March 2014: Ode to Spring
February 2014: Motrin and Meatballs
January 2014: That Was The Year That Was

December 2013: Chinese Puzzle Box, Part 2
November 2013: Chinese Puzzle Box, Part 1
October 2013: Powerhouse
September 2013: My First Deployment
August 2013: Reseeding the Antenna Farm
July 2013: A Rainful Experience

Columns that have appeared on the ARRL Web site

For permission to reprint any of these columns please write to [email protected]

My thanks to the American Radio Relay League, and especially its Production Coordinator, Maty Weinberg, KB1EIB for tracking down my earlier columns and allowing me to redisplay them here. The more recent columns are links to the ARRL Web site.

June 2013: Mastless in Missouri
April 2013: I Think My Kit Is Missing a Piece
March 2013: It's Not Easy Being Green-less
January 2013: Talking to Myself

December 2012: HO-HO-Handheld-Transceiver!
October 2012: Give Me That Old Ham Religion
September 2012: Ready, SET 1, SET 2...
August 2012: * Some Aggravation Required
May 2012: Standoffish
April 2012: Manic
February 2012: It's a Jungle Down There

October 2011: Simulated Emergency Mess
August 2011: Virtually There
July 2011: Fun, Fatigue and Fur
June 2011: Cablegrim
February 2011: The Net Controller's Speech

November 2010: The Manual -- and Why We Don't Read It
September 2010: Musings from a Hamfest
July 2010 again: The Amateur Amateur Fills-In
July 2010: APRS Sneaks Into the Shack
June 2010: APRS, the Beginning
May 2010: Not Exactly Plug-And-Play
March 2010: We're Having a Bad Transmitter Day

December 2009: Any-Bounce
November 2009: Hammy-Grams
October 2009: A Soggy, Foggy, Doggy Demo in the Park
September 2009: Slippery-Slope Television
August 2009: Diary of a Mad Ham's Wife
July 2009 again: Field Day 0.9
July 2009: Please Answer the Following Question
May 2009: A Day in the Parking Lot
April 2009: Packet, Part II
March 2009: Packet, Part I
February 2009: One Man's Trash
January 2009: One Medium Counterpoise, Hold the Anchovies

November 2008: Radiomobile
October 2008: Meet the Zombies
August 2008: Doing It in the Street
July 2008: Roof, Attic and Basement (Repeat)
June 2008: Tipping the Mast, Topping the Hill
March 2008: The View from the Other Side of the Couch
January 2008: Past Tents

December 2007: A Tale of Three Tents, Part 2
November 2007: A Tale of Three Tents, Part 1
August 2007: Towering Prices
July 2007: Field Day; An Etude in Three Movements
May 2007 again: "Dump" Bag
May 2007: The Return of Unpreparedness
March 2007: Dances With Aerials

December 2006: Three (or Four) Words About ARES
November 2006: So Long and Thanks for All the Cookies
October 2006: It's Not Over 'Til the Fat Man Falls
September 2006: Not-Quite-In-the-Field Station
August 2006: Closed for Reshacking
July 2006: Aftershock, Part 2
June 2006: Aftershock, Part 1
April 2006: Unpreparedness
March 2006: Our Net Controller is Missing
January 2006: Can You Hear Me Now?

December 2005: Raiders of the Lost Shack
November 2005 again: Doughnuts Will Be Served
November 2005: Don't Hurt My Car!
September 2005: Hamityville Horror
August 2005: Dallying on the Digital Modes
July 2005: Pouncing on the Digital Modes
June 2005: Creeping up on the Digital Modes
April 2005: Hanging Around the ARES Table
March 2005: Where Do Old Antennas Go?
February 2005: Sad Shack
January 2005: The First Ten Years

December 2004: All I Want for Christmas ...
November 2004: Simplexity
October 2004: My First One Didn't Work Like That
September 2004: Net (Controller) Quake
July 2004: Q-S-Who?
June 2004: Barking Up a Storm
May 2004: A Wealth of Possibilites
April 2004: Wake Me Before the Disaster Starts
March 2004: Discovering the Junkosphere
February 2004: A Classy Seminar, Part II
January 2004: A Classy Seminar, Part I

December 2003: Fifteen Milliseconds of Fame
November 2003: Thanks for the Megahertz
October 2003: Smoky Mountain High
September 2003: Saturday in the Park with Ray, Part II
August 2003: Saturday in the Park with Ray, Part I
July 2003: The Junkman Cometh, Part III
June 2003: The Junkman Cometh, Part II
May 2003: The Junkman Cometh, Part I
April 2003: But Are You a Real Ham?
March 2003: The HF Chronicles __ The Sweet Sound of Success
January 2003: We Have Met the Examiners, and They are Us

December 2002: The HF Chronicles __ EC-001 and Contacting NTS
November 2002: CW __ Her Plan Versus My Plan
October 2002: Short-Lived Success with Shortwave
September 2002: The HF Chronicles __ A New Mode of Thinking
July 2002: The HF Chronicles __ Part Deux__or__So Many Knobs, So Many Buttons
June 2002: My First Step Toward HF __ High on the RooF
May 2002: Lessons in The Radio Facts of Life
April 2002: Putting It All Together (A Kitbuilding Saga)
March 2002: Upgrading Made Difficult
February 2002: Assaulting the Battery II
January 2002: Assaulting the Battery

December 2001: Too Sexy for My Shack
November 2001: Frequency __ the Movie
October 2001: Mobile Flambée
September 2001: Choking on RF
August 2001: Going Mobile
July 2001: The "Calm" After the Storm
June 2001: Storm Spotting __ the Hard Way

Other columns and articles

The Amateur Amateur #6 -- Antenna Wars (This appeared in the SABRE newsletter.)
Winter in Kaboogie Falls. A completely off-the-wall bit of ham radio fiction


Glitches in the System A series of cartoons about what really happens when your radio breaks down

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